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| What we DO

We rent material for events, we advise and carry out tailor-made decoration projects for events, weddings, MICE and special projects in the Balearic Islands.

| How we WORK

Every project starts with an idea, but what counts is how that idea is transformed together with you into the reality of your dream event.

Our team meets with you, listens to you and creates a unique and personalised proposal.

Projects pill…


A Spring welcome project that showcases the new Regency-inspired trend, a current trend due to the success of the international series “The Bridgerton”.


A comprehensive decoration project inside a teepee tent. We created different chill outs to create an atmosphere of well-being and invite socialising among the attendees. The floral and lighting design were a plus for an event that left the guests speechless.


The challenge of this project was to dress up an emblematic space in Mallorca without losing its character. Each space was the protagonist of its own story.